How To Find Someones Facebook Source Code

CyberInt's Shay Priel has automated this whole process using his open-source code available on GitHub. Dubbed " Facebook Hidden Friend Crawler ," the Python script is for educational purposes only and will weave through the individual's mutual friends, of mutual friends, of mutual friends, etc., until it compiles a complete list. […]

How To Find A Strapless Bra

Jeanie Strapless Contour Bra and Jeanie Hi-Cut Brief in Black Yelp is an excellent tool for finding lingerie stores in your area. It’s also the perfect place to read reviews before shopping somewhere new. […]

How To Find A Gps On Your Car

Call us today to find out how GPS tracking can help improve your daily business operations and secure your vehicles. We make GPS tracking for business and private vehicles easy. Established in 2011, Track My Ride is an Australian owned, operated & designed real-time GPS tracking system. […]

How To Stretch Resolution Cs Go

frkn Should be an option called "scale/stretch to fit" or something similar, either in your monitor options or your graphics card control panel. That worked, thanks [quote=frkn]Should be an option called "scale/stretch to fit" or something similar, either in your monitor options or … […]

How To Sing And Hold Long Notes

It involves a deficiency in three areas: pitch accuracy, the ability to keep time and note memory (remembering the words and how long a note is sustained). The research shows that most people, regardless of musical training, are quite good at two of the three elements: timing and note memory. […]

How To Look Like A Gentleman

It is the same ideals given to what “women” are supposed to look and behave like that women don’t like. It’s shallow and doesn’t consider lasting things a man can be which you mention; Responsible, sincere, and shows love. It leaves out entire groups of INCREDIBLE men the posses the highest qualities in a HUMAN BEING. […]

How To Get Retail Casual Job

As a member, you'll get retail job alerts sent directly to your inbox. It's a convenient tool that allows you to spend less time combing through job ads and more time applying to the positions that catch your eye. […]

How To Help A Dog Afraid Of Thunder

While some dogs get a little bit sedated with Benadryl it is usually not a lot of sedation. If you wanted to give Benadryl though, the dose is 1-2mg per pound. It usually comes in a 25mg strength so for a 7 pound dog I would likely give 1/4 to 1/2 of a tablet. […]

How To Join The Warlocks Motorcycle Club

As they were all fanatic motorcycle enthusiasts, who liked to party, they all decided to start a Motorcycle Club. Agreeing on the name Warlocks, One of the thirteen designed the Blazing style Eagle, Which to this day, is unchanged on the backs of all Warlocks Brothers. […]

How To Know The Warranty Of My Iphone

Click the link above and enter your iPhone serial number and your country. Apple may ask to see proof of purchase documents to verify your iPhone's warranty status before service is performed. Apple may ask to see proof of purchase documents to verify your iPhone's warranty status before service is … […]

How To Get Hp Compo For Printer

WonderHowTo Computer Hardware How To: Download & install HP printer drivers in Windows XP How To: Make a Cricut sunflower card Nice, but can you help me get to / find that memory chip/reset switch on an Canon PG 510 ink cartridge. Thx. Reply. 1. Lynn Bendick 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago You show the How To for the Epson cartridge, but where is the instructions for the HP cartridges […]

How To Get Mushrooms Stardew Valley

How To Get The Seed Maker Produce Getting Spice Berries and Wild Horseradish is pretty obvious; you can find them on the ground around Stardew Valley’s world. Check the town and north of it, as […]

How To Help Scars Fade From Acne

The Magic Pads, $20, Amazon. If you have brown scarring, then your mark might need some help in the fading process, and there are a lot of options that will help you in that mission. […]

How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat And Muscle

Toning your arm muscles will certainly get you the definition you seek, Push-ups arent everyones cup of tea, but when youre trying to get rid of that excess arm fat, theyre a pretty killer workout. Push-ups not only tone your biceps and triceps, theyre a great way to build muscle on your chest, making you feel stronger and look leaner in the process. If the thought of doing […]

How To Grow Black Roses

11/07/2017 · A growing gardening trend is appealing to people who appreciate the darker things in life. The black rose has a rather mysterious reputation, namely because black roses … […]

How To Get Purple Gem In Tomb Time

Purple Gem Location . You can find the Purple Gem towards the end of the Death Route in the level High Time. To access it, you need to make sure you have not died once during the level, otherwise […]

How To Get Zeros Infront Of Number Excel

Format > Number > More Formats > Custom number format... menu, and set the pattern to 000 , where the number of zeros represent the number of digits to which the completion will be made with the leading zeros. […]

How To Get Lots Of Legendaries In Hearthstone

Crafting in Hearthstone allows players to disenchant the cards they do not want into Arcane Dust. The dust can then be used to craft new cards. Right click on a card in your collection to open the... The dust can then be used to craft new cards. […]

How To Make Pins Grow Pf Tek

8/10/2006 drink a lot of milk. they make new cells in the pinus. you can also take some auxin hormones and wipe them over the tip of your dig head oh yeah, if you're Asian, you can just forget it […]

How To Get Rid Of Horniness On Period

7/08/2007 remember that after we ejaculate most men get tired and feel lethargic due to the excessive loss of semen and energy. hence we do not have the strength to go through the process (sex or masturbation) again within a short period of time. after the episode we need some time to regain the strength stamina and good old horniness. […]

Wow How To Get To Argus There Is No Quest

29/08/2017 · Khadgar should have an option to skip the scenario when you next speak with him, then you will need to turn in the quest and finally return to Dalaran (via Hearthstone or otherwise) to receive your Argus introduction quest. […]

How To Get Huge Thighs

4/01/2011 · Watch video · A trainer at a london gym instructs you how to build your thigh muscles up with only one simple excersise that you can even do in your own home. […]

How To Get Good Weapons In Starbound

A good part of the time, NPCs can't get home because it's flat out impossible without digging, techs or a grappling hook, as the generator placed it on some chunk of rock suspended on background terrain on top of a mountain, or buried it into a hole so far inside the ground it looks more like a […]

How To Fix A Dislocated Shoulder Alone

27/10/2009 · I have dislocated my shoulder twice within a year, both times from relatively mundane activities. Although young and healthy, and healing fairly well, I … […]

How To Find Teh Rrange Of A Set Of Numbers

The default range includes only cells containing numbers, the range of selected numbers is interrupted by a cell containing text or a blank cell. The AVERAGE function is designed to be entered at the bottom of a column of data or at the right end of a row of data; it looks first for number … […]

How To Get Rid Of Body Order

In order for the jinns in brother A to communicate with the jinn in sister B there has to be an external jinn to carry the message across. So the external jinn is an important tool to cause mischief and fighting between a husband and wife. […]

How To Find Patents Xplore

Contents: Finding Patents. Finding Technical Standards . What are Patents? A patent is a set of exclusive rights which has been granted by a sovereign state … […]

How To Get Iso Certificate For Company

So you won't just get your certificate but also get a quality system that really helps you and lifts you to the next level. Practical and effective solution to ISO 9001 Imagine a future only months away, where you at last have that ISO 9001 certificate. […]

How To Get Rid Of Curry Stains

While you can try all the ways mentioned above to get rid of the curry stains and smell, here are a few more things you can do to kill the smell. Step 1: […]

How To Get A Good Bum

I have pretty good genes and don’t necessarily have a flat bum- and although I can develop my legs, it’s so hard to develop a strong, round, athletic butt. Sure I get sore in the beginning of a program but it seems like I hit a plateau pretty quickly. I think this is partly due to the fact that I’m a bit apprehensive about using heavier weights because of my scoliosis. I still go heavy […]

How To Get Percentage Of A Total

2/01/2018 · Excel percentage formulas: Percentage of total, percent increase or decrease, sales tax and more These formulas can get you through everyday tasks from determining sales tax (and tips) to […]

How To Get Sweat In Cold Weather

10/04/2012 · Even I have a similar kind of a situation. However in my case I only sweat when I am in a airconditioned room/car. Basically during hot weathers I can stay in airconditioning for a 3-4hours without sweating but during cold weather its takes minutes for sweating to start. […]

How To Get Payments On Paypal Instantly

PayPal’s mass payment allows anyone with a Premier or Business account to send multiple payments instantly and has the following two big advantages: You save big on the fees. A low fee of 2.0% of the payment amount with a cap of $1.00 USD (or its equivalent in the payment currency) is assessed on each payment made with Mass Payment. […]

How To Make A Private Match Cs Go

my smurf cs:go smurf account presents : cs:go lemusername and password instant delivery via email (automated) 50-100 wins and 60-100 hrs private rank 21-24 (can play on prime competitive match making) lem ranked and perfect for playing you need to add number. steam level 0-1 (limited account need to add 5 usd wallet code) steam guard is off […]

How To Get To Punta Hermosa From Lima

The Google map above shows directions from Punta Hermosa to Cieneguilla. Note: Clicking on any of the directions above, will automatically zoom in on that location within the map. […]

How To Get An App Developed For Free

Want to know how you can download Waterlogue for free? Then read on. The popular watercolor app developed by Tinrocket, which was hailed as an AppAdvice App of the Week shortly after its release […]

How To Get Rid Of Ants Inside House Walls

To completely get rid of ants, you might need to get rid of their nest. Look for damp areas in and around your home that might be hiding it. When you find it, get rid of it […]

How To Keep My Breasts Big After Pregnancy

How to Keep Breasts Perky after a Pregnancy. By: Contributor. How to Combat Sagging Skin in the Neck and Jowl. By: Ann Compton. How to Remove Thigh Cellulite. By: Kimberly Caines . Pay attention to your posture. Poor posture causes breasts to droop, while good posture lifts the breasts up. Look at your breasts in a mirror while you stand with poor posture and again while you stand with good […]

How To Go Back In Game Updates

Watch video Pokemon Go fans devastated after game update resets their progress back to level one Save Fans of the game took to social media in disbelief after the update […]

How To Get To Seafoam Island Fire Red

Situated on Route 20 of Kanto, Seafoam Islands are a pair of islands that divide Route 20 into two separate segments. Hence, to get to the other end of the route, it must be passed through. This large cave comprises of 5 floors, where the extremely rare Ice and Ground-type […]

Sutherland Court How To Get To By Public Transport

For information about public transport options, visit the NSW transport info website. Best times to visit Royal National Park covers a wide range of landscapes, from open grassland to ocean-fronting clifftops. […]

How To Get The Rogue Class Mount

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Here you can buy World of Warcraft (Wow) Mount Boost – Rogue Class Mounts. You will get Shadowblade’s Murderous Omen mount; […]

Final Fantasy 15 How To Start End Game Dungeons

Dungeons are the biggest challenge in FFXV, so you cannot save your game in them and you have to start over from the beginning. Small tip: You can teleport and save in a dungeon via the map menu. The enemies are still dead, but a trip to these dangerous areas is worthwhile. […]

How To Give Up Sweets For Good

Here's how to break up with sugar for good—so you can finally stop those midnight cookie cravings. iStock/mphillips007 Have you ever felt stuffed after a meal, but still ordered dessert? […]

How To Find Out Mac Address Of Mi Box 3

Look for the MAC address next to "Ethernet Address" for the wired network or "Wi-Fi address" for the wireless connection. Alternatively, you may find the MAC address printed on the UPC label on the Apple TV box. […]

How To Get Mildew Stains Out Of Stroller Fabric

18/10/2013 the fabric that does come off.. the stains faded but didnt go... and some of it is attached to buggy..... i have read reviews from products that do mildew stains in groat etc.. that say dont use on fabrics.. and people have any they have worked really well and not damaged fabric.. but seems a bit risky!! but cant seem to find a stain remover […]

How To Get Gel Superglue Out Of Bottle

Super glue the lid. Pros: This bottle is absolutely beautiful! It is also super fun to plop the beads through the funnel. This would be a fun bottle to make with kids. Cons: Sorting them by color can be tedious. Also, I made my layers too big at first and could hardly fit all six colors in the bottle. Instead, I dumped them out and made my layers about an inch big and just repeated the pattern […]

How To Get A Independent Contractor License

Before you can operate as a contractor in Texas, for most professions you need to get a contractor’s license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The licensing process consists of multiple steps that you have to follow and usually means you have to obtain a contractor license … […]

How To Get Her To Suck My Dick

4 weeks ago Ftwonyx. His dicks pretty small lol 2 months ago JerseyFella. I can already feel her luscious lips sucking my pulsing cock dry […]

How To Get Video Files Off Iphone Onto Computer

Copying files off your iPod, iPad or iPhone can be used for good or evil. Of course, ripping media off your iPod is an excellent last resort when you've lost it from your computer. However, being able to copy files off your iPod/iPhone also makes it very easy to steal thousands songs and videos in a matter of minutes. With ultra-fast USB 2.0 speeds, stealing an entire iTunes library could take […]

How To Get A Sss

Applying for an SSS salary loan these days is much easier than it used to be. Thanks to a more developed online system, the Philippine Social Security System can […]

How To Get A Room Makeover For Free

My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets, and backgrounds to create your perfect room! How to play Room Makeover - Click with your mouse […]

How To Get A Bug Out Of Your Ear

The horror film type of folklore about this insect leads people to historically believe that this bug is very dangerous. Even medieval science and medical journals of the day implied that earwigs can burrow into the brain or at least into the ears and cause serious harm. […]

How To Join Gyprock Sheets

Painting Tips & Data Sheets. The Master Painters Association recommends that painting of all new surfaces i.e Plaster, Timber and Metal should have three coats applied as per paint manufacturers specifications and painted to Australian Standard AS/NZ2311:2017. […]

How To End A Persuasive Paper

PAPER>> If youve ever been to the theater to see a movie or a play, then you know how important the first scene is. If it doesnt grab your attention and make you excited for whats going to happen next, then chances are you wont enjoy the rest of the show. The same goes for the opening paragraph in a persuasive essay. This introduction is your only opportunity to make your reader […]

How To Get A Car Loan With Low Credit Score

Yes, you can get a great interest rate on a low income car loan, but your credit has to be excellent in order to do so. Auto lenders mostly base your interest rate on your credit score… […]

How To Get A Splinter Out Of Your Hand

The onion or tomato will draw the splinter to the surface making it easier to remove with your bare hands or with the use of tweezers. Baking Soda Make a […]

How To Get A Taurus Man Back In Love

Wondering "are most Taurus men jealous?" For girls who are dating the Bull, jealousy is one of your boyfriend's negative traits. In a relationship, envy is considered as a spice for warming up the love; however, sometimes it is the reason ruining … […]

How To Get Into Ucf

23/05/2013 · UCF is very easy to get into, nearly everyone in my hometown of Franklin went there. Perhaps the most wretched of all my classmates, a slim, devilish woman named Harriet Kipps remained faithful to her families tradition. […]

How To Get Daedric Sword Of The Vampire

7/08/2015 · The Dremora is equipped with Daedric armor, meaning direct physical attacks won’t do much. Enchanted weapons are very effective, however. The Dremora fights only with a great sword, so retreating and attacking from a distance is also a good choice in tactics. […]

How To Find Friends And Influence Enemies

One of the most groundbreaking and timeless bestsellers of all time, How to Win Friends & Influence People will teach you: -Six ways to make people like you -Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking -Nine ways to change people without arousing resentment . And much more! Achieve your maximum potential—a must-read for the twenty-first century with more than 15 million copies sold […]

How To Get A Wifi Password With Crosh

The Get Help app comes preinstalled on your HP Chromebook or Chromebox. Use the Get Help app to troubleshoot your network connection by following the steps in this section. Use the Get Help app to troubleshoot your network connection by following the steps in this section. […]

How To Find Out If Someone Is Real On Kik

DuckDuckGo has been a profitable company since 2014 without storing or sharing any personal information on people using our search engine. As we like to say, what you search on Not unless you ask them as Kik doesn't store personal information like their location when signing up. All that is […]

How To Keep Burglars Out

How to let Santa in and keep the burglars out! It is the time of year where we start preparing our houses for the arrival of the big man.Father Christmas. […]

How To Get Rid Of Moth Smell In Clothes

Instead of impregnating your clothes smell these chemicals, try a natural trap against moths. Pieces of wood cider or cider bag impregnated with oil are excellent for storing and storing clothes moth sensitive to longer term. Another option is natural camphor. Moli room and closet can try to place in various places essential oil of eucalyptus, bay leaf, black pepper and cinnamon and moths food […]

How To Get To Cape Barren Island

Although there has been a primary school on Cape Barren Island since 1889, there are no secondary education facilities on the Island. In 1965 the government began exploring the possibilities of `providing scholarships, and adequate hostelling, for the most suitable [Cape Barren Island children], to induce them to seek secondary education in Tasmania. The idea being to eventually work towards […]

How To Fix Build In Robe Door Frame

It's much easier to build the wall frame on the floor, then pivot it up into position. Lay out the 2” x 4”s for the wall frame with the studs 16" apart (measured on center). Use pressure-treated lumber for any part of the frame that will come in contact with concrete; for this basement wall, that means the sill and one of the end pieces. If this wall will have a door, leave one or two […]

How To Get A Really Deep Blackhead Out

Before we get into treating blackheads, it’s important to take a look at the products that claim to help but are really just a temporary fix. Self Extraction The first and most important blackhead treatment route to avoid is self extraction. […]

How To Say I Want To Learn More In Spanish

Be sure to check out this post if you want to learn more useful Spanish greetings. Basic Spanish Vocabulary for Many Uses You can go far with some very easy-to-remember words and phrases. […]

How To Lose Weight With Yogurt

Oct 22, 2008 · Photo Credit mythja/iStock/Getty Images; More Like This. Fruit & Vegetable Smoothie Diets. How to lose Weight and Lose Belly Fat Eating Every … […]

How To Get Google Drive To Sync My Documents

In Google Drive, drag the files (that you’d like to sync) into the Dropbox folders (that you’d like to sync into). The files will appear in your Dropbox account momentarily. The files will appear in your Dropbox account momentarily. […]

How To Get Size Of Pst Through Powershell

Manual Approach to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST via PowerShell Now its time to discuss the complete process of migrating Office 365 mailbox to PST via PowerShell as an administrator. This can be done with the help of an example, where the mailbox that is to be exported is […]

How To Get Into My Club On Fifa Ultimate Team

26/09/2012 · Best Answer: Yes, go on EA Sports FC on the main menu and go into the catalogue. Then, browse for items between levels 11-20 and theres and option in there to change your UT name, but it costs something like 2,500 of your XP points. […]

How To Go Camping Without A Car Melbourne

There are 6 ways to get from Melbourne to Merimbula by plane, bus, train or car. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in … […]

How To Get Your Splits Most Effectively

Getting into a straddle position, also known as the center splits, is not an easy task for most people. Every person’s body and level of flexibility is different, but you will probably need dedication and a diligent effort to make it happen. […]

How To Get Rid Of Coltsfoot

Coltsfoot reduces the urge to cough. Make a tea with 2 teaspoons of coltsfoot and 1 cup of water, and drink it 3 times a day for two consecutive days. Coltsfoot works as an expectorant, that is, it helps to spit out the cough. Avoid this remedy, if you are on low blood pressure medication or … […]

How To Help Smells In Carpet

Carpets, rugs and curtains capture odours like sponges. The good news is that we can remove odours quite easily, at least, most of the times. The bad news is that when the odour is the musty smell of mildew, things get slightly complicated, especially if you don’t catch mold early on and it has reached the backing of the carpet. […]

How To Get Highmountain Tauren

Highmountain is a zone in the northern area of the Broken Isles named in honor of Huln Highmountain for his bravery in the War of the Ancients.Following the War against the Iron Horde, the Burning Legion began to invade Azeroth through the Tomb of Sargeras. The tauren of Highmountain, descended from Huln Highmountain and other tauren who had fought in the War of the Ancients, had been living […]

How To Lose Fat Off Arms Fast

How Can U Lose Weight Faster How Often Do I Need To Run To Lose Weight How To Lose Weight To Fit Into A Dress Fast How Many Fat Calories A Day To Lose Weight Best Way To Lose 20 Pounds In A Month How To Lose Fat Belly With Raw Honey […]

How To Find The Password Of Your Wifi Cmd

How To Find The WiFi Password Of Your Current Network Using CMD Prompt Method 1: Finding the WiFi Password in Windows Using Command Prompt. First open the Command Prompt on your Windows PC by typing cmd in the Start Menu. Now select Run as administrator by right-clicking on it. Once Command Prompt is opened, you need to type the following command in it (Replace SECURITY HACKING with your […]

How To Make Fake Fish

14/09/2011 · Hey everyone. Im new at the whole forum and posting thing so sorry if im a little slow. However I am in the need to make and artificial rock structure, but out of what aquarium safe product i dont know. i am an experience aquarist just not with coral. i know a lot because i live in the keys and fish collecting is just what we do. […]

How To Learn To Refeshan Clothes

A helpful list of activity ideas to help teach kids to zip and button. And become more independent with clothing fasteners like buttons and zippers. And become more independent with clothing fasteners like buttons and zippers. […]

How To Get The Best Mpg Out Of Your Car

Chevy High Performance tech article on how to get more mileage from your carburetor by using efi tuning techniques. Find all the details inside Chevy High Performance Magazine.Chevy High […]

How To Get Video On Facebook Header

In the beginning of 2017, video creators claimed portrait video was going to be the next most popular video format, however, with the rise of Instagram and its integration with Facebook, square video […]

How To Get Rid Of Redirect Virus

What is Normandoh is a rogue application that supposedly speeds up software installation processes. This functionality may seem legitimate and useful, however, Normandoh often infiltrates systems without permission. Furthermore, it promotes a […]

How To Get Red Candle Wax Off Tablecloth

removing wax from table cloth getting candle wax off tablecloth best how to get red candle wax off tablecloth table designs remove candle wax from tablecloth trendy get candle wax removing colored wax. removing wax from table cloth step 1 place the tablecloth flat on a clean removing wax from polyester tablecloth. removing wax from table cloth removing wax from linen. removing wax from […]

How To Find The Right Elevation For A Satelite Dish

AXINO-TECH HOME Using a spectrum analyser to align your Freeview or SKY dish. Axino-Tech Consulting & Services 14th August, 2011. This is a short article on how to use a spectrum analyser to align a domestic satellite receiving dish, such as for Freeview or SKY, in New Zealand. […]

How To Get Into The Military After College

4/09/2018 I had decided that I wanted to go into a medical field and realized I could also go into the military, which I have always wanted to do. This article helped me realize what I needed to do. Thanks!" This article helped me realize what I needed to do. […]

How To Help A Friend Going Through Depression

Express your willingness to help by setting up appointments, going along to them and attending family therapy sessions. If your loved one's illness is severe or potentially life-threatening, contact a doctor, a hospital or emergency medical services. […]

How To Find Variance In Excel

Here is how to choose which of the four functions for calculating variance in Excel: 1. Use =VAR() when you are basing your calculation on a sample and you want Excel […]

How To Grow A Weed Plant Inside

Growing within weed Where can I breed my own weed plant? You can grow your plants inside a breeding box. To grow five weeds for yourself, you have enough 1 x 1 x 2 meter space. […]

How To Find Withdrawal Form For T Investor Wrap

This form is to be completed in addition to Form 2C – Trust Account and Entity Declaration Form, if there is more than two controlling persons. Form 5 - Authorised Signatories Form (PDF 256kB) This form is to be completed by all authorised signatories (e.g. guardians or attorneys) where one or more authorised signatory has signed Form 1 or 2. […]

How To Get To Koh Lipe Thailand

Bye Bye Lipe - it is unreal how you can spend 4 days on a 3.5 by 2.5km island and still feel like yo... ure leaving too early. Took us almost 24 hours of driving, spending a night in a crappy hotel, sailing through 60KM in high seas just to get to this miniature island […]

How To Get Permanent Marker Off Lino

29/01/2007 · Best Answer: try WD-40 The "magic eraser" works well with erasing sharpie type markers. Another tip is to write over the marker in the exact spot with the same marker and wipe it off immediatley after with a damp cloth before it has a chanc to dry. Lysol Disinfectant Spray is excellent for permanent marker, spot removal on […]

How To Get A Box With Alt Key

29/09/2011 · How to Make Keyboard Symbols with the "Alt" Key and Numeric Keypad: Another way is to use the "Alt" key and numbers - making sure to use your numeric keypad, not the numbers on … […]

How To Get Australiaum Spy Knife

Extac Australia is a supplier of Cold Steel machetes. Cold Steel machetes are one of the most respected brands in the survival weapon industry. Made with 1055 carbon steel, the Cold Steel products are tough and incredibly sharp. Their designs inspired by ancient weapons and knife building techniques prove to be effective and resilient to harsh conditions and repeated use. Cold Steel have a […]

How To Get Piety Ck2

Additional religions and denominations are available in converted savegames from Crusader Kings II. Many of these are heresies in CK2; if a heresy becomes more widespread than the parent religion, the parent will become a heresy and vice-versa, and the former heresy will … […]

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